Fertility genes required for sperm stem cells

The underlying cause of male infertility is unknown for 30 percent of cases. In a pair of new studies, researchers have determined that the reproductive homeobox (RHOX) family of transcription factors — regulatory proteins that activate some genes and inactivate others — drive the development of stem cells in the testes in mice. The investigators also linked RHOX gene mutations to male infertility in humans.

See full news item at ScienceDaily.

See original studies at Cell Reports and Human Molecular Genetics.

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Stem Cells – TOCs 26/09/2016

Blood – September 22, 2016; 128 (12)

Stem Cells and Development – October 2016, Vol. 25, No. 19

Stem Cells TM – Volume 5, Number 10, 2016

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Stem Cells – News and Blogs 26/09/16

CIRM Grantees Reflect on Ten Years of iPS Cells (Stem Cellar)

Cynata approval for 1st ever allo trial of IPSC-derived MSCs for GVHD (Niche)

Funding stem cell research targeting a rare and life-threatening disease in children (Stem Cellar)

Stem cell ‘heart patch’ moves closer to clinic (MedicalXpress)

Stem cell stories that caught our eye: two studies of the heart and cool stem cell art (Stem Cellar)

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Stem Cells – New Articles 26/09/16

A Transient Developmental Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gives Rise to Innate-like B and T Cells (Cell Stem Cell)

Cap-independent translation by DAP5 controls cell fate decisions in human embryonic stem cells (Genes Dev)

CIBZ Regulates Mesodermal and Cardiac Differentiation of by Suppressing T and Mesp1 Expression in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (Sci Rep)

Development and Dynamic Regulation of Mitochondrial Network in Human Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons Differentiated from iPSCs (Stem Cell Rep)

Development Refractoriness of MLL-Rearranged Human B Cell Acute Leukemias to Reprogramming into Pluripotency (Stem Cell Rep)

Dopaminergic neurons differentiating from LRRK2 G2019S induced pluripotent stem cells show early neuritic branching defects (Sci Rep)

Hedgehog Controls Quiescence and Activation of Neural Stem Cells in the Adult Ventricular-Subventricular Zone (Stem Cell Rep)

iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes reveal abnormal TGF-β signalling in left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy (Nat Cell Biol)

Mesenchymal Inflammation Drives Genotoxic Stress in Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Predicts Disease Evolution in Human Pre-leukemia (Cell Stem Cell)

Mislocalisation of BEST1 in iPSC-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells from a family with autosomal dominant vitreoretinochoroidopathy (ADVIRC) (Sci Rep)

Nox2 contributes to the arterial endothelial specification of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells by upregulating Notch signaling (Sci Rep)

Pretreatment with a γ-Secretase Inhibitor Prevents Tumor-like Overgrowth in Human iPSC-Derived Transplants for Spinal Cord Injury (Stem Cell Rep)

Reconstructed cell fate-regulatory programs in stem cells reveal hierarchies and key factors of neurogenesis (Gen Res)

Reprogramming of mouse retinal neurons and standardized quantification of their differentiation in 3D retinal cultures (Nat Prot)

Somatic cell reprogramming-free generation of genetically modified pigs (Science Advances)

Tankyrase inhibition promotes a stable human naïve pluripotent state with improved functionality (Development)

Human Stem Cell-Derived Interneuron Precursors Mitigate Mouse Bladder Dysfunction and Central Neuropathic Pain after Spinal Cord Injury (Cell Stem Cell)

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New strategy identified for treating acute myeloid leukemia

A promising new approach to the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) has been discovered by a team of researchers. In their report, the investigators have identified a crucial dysfunction in blood cell development that underlies AML and show that inhibiting the action of a specific enzyme prompts the differentiation of leukemic cells, reducing their number and decreasing their ability to propagate the cancer.

See full news item at ScienceDaily.

See original study at Cell.

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Advances in Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Neurogenetic Diseases

Transplantation of therapeutic stem cells directly into the central nervous system (CNS) is a promising new approach to treating the neurological effects of lysosomal storage diseases (LSD), a group of at least 50 different monogenic inherited diseases. Translating the stem cell therapies developed in animal models of LSD to effective human therapies still faces significant challenges, which are described in an article in Human Gene Therapy.

See press release here.

See original study at Human Gene Therapy.

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Stem cell research could lead to treatment breakthroughs

Scientists have discovered a new way to replicate the regenerative power of stem cells in the lab, which could lead to powerful treatments for injuries and diseases.

See full news item at Phys.org.

See original study at ACS Nano.

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